CloWnStePPinG has been created by Saras Feijoo – an international multidisciplinary artist, theatre maker and performer. Specialising in theatre clown, physical theatre, visual storytelling and metaphysical paintings.

“I truly fell in love with theatre clown in 2005 and found it very artistic. Then I realised that most people connect clown with children parties. Clown can take many forms and one of them is to be real art: that touches people’s hearts and can connect us as human beings.

CloWnStePPinG has been created as a space to honour that, a hub to further the understanding, developing and promotion of theatre clown as an art

In CloWnStePPing, we are always interested in collaborating with as many clown artists as we can. We produced shows and have co-produced many events in Scotland and will continue to do so.

Just get in touch should you want to work/create with us.