Clown and the Comic Feeling – Masterclass with Ricardo Puccetti



The clown is not a character but the dilation of the ingenuity and ridiculousness in each of us, revealing the comic and human inherent to each individual.


Each clown is personal and unique.


Using a unique methodology developed over 25 years by clown master Ricardo Puccetti and enriched by his extensive experience performing as a clown, this workshop allows those aspiring to be clowns to come into the construction of a “body in play”: the discovery of one’s personal rhythm (timing) and an initial contact with each clown’s “logic” – or way of acting and reacting to the world around us as well as starting to create the clown figure and the logic for his/her costume.


The workshop will be held at Rose Theatre from 10 am- 4 pm on Saturday 5th May.

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