Sáras Feijóo

I was 25 years old when I saw my first ever theatre clown show! I still remember it. I was sitting in the first row, “glued” to the seat and totally terrified when the theatre clown artist came towards the audience… I was thinking “no me please, no me!!!!”

A contemporary clown show takes us on a beautiful journey of emotions full of depth, beauty, honesty, transparency and playfulness of the piece.

From writing, my philosophy degree to having my own fashion design label (at the time) as well as working for a local Venezuelan label, I left everything behind to start training and living my life from that space of wonder, connection, communication, transparency and play.


When becoming a multimedia theatre performance nomad artist, I had the opportunity to perform in duets, groups and solo shows in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Germany and Scotland – a place that has been my base for the last 10 years.


CloWnStePPinG is a hub in which we can keep deepening into the exploration of the world of the red nose and its significance not just in itself but in everyone’s life too.

Different from circus, children or party clowns, the contemporary clown is about who we are as humans and less about what skills we are good at!


It has no boundaries and it goes beyond the ‘limits’ of the stage to become a lifestyle: a daily act of trust, honesty, open-heartedness and active engagement with your life, yourself and others.


Contemporary Clowning has the ability to heal hearts, to reflect our humanity and to open infinite ways to express oneself through innocence, freedom, honesty, connection, and this feeling like a child that makes us so alive and playful.


Whatever the way, whichever the space, regardless the time.
It will come true. it will find its place. It will move us through.




Sáras Feijóo is a Creative Flow Strategist and Coach, Curator and Multimedia performance artist.

As a Creative Flow Strategist and Coach, Saras works empowering determined females to grow confidence, joy and state of flow in their business and life.

As a Curator, she produces and co-produces international events combining visual, music and performance arts as well as one discipline events like the FIRST Edinburgh Contemporary Clown Festival and, (co-produces) Clown Cabaret Scratch Nights, Clown Cabaret Special Edition and Bouffon Scratchings.

As a Multi-media Contemporary Performance Artist, Saras creates installations journeys taking the audience on adventures where the focus point is the connection with themselves and those around them: having fun, feeling like a child and expressing ourselves freely. She also creates physical theatre pieces and collaborates with artists around the world both online and face-to-face.

Read more about her work at, www.sarasfeijoo.com