Saras Feijóo

Saras Feijoo

I was 25 years old when I saw my first ever theatre clown show! I still remember it. I was sitting in the first row, “glued” to the seat and totally terrified when the theatre clown artist came towards the audience… I was thinking “no me please, no me!!!!”

At the end of the show, I thought: “I want to be a theatre clown artist!”. I loved the deepness, beauty, honesty, transparency and playfulness of the piece.

At the time, I was writing my philosophy dissertation based on Beatrice Longuenesse’s book: Kant and the Capacity to Judge and was still working on Bjaki. However, I joined a clown workshop with Victor Stivelman, the theatre clown deviser, performer and director of Con las Alas Despiertas and after few weeks of training I created my first solo-clown piece as well as a duet with another lovely clown called Leonardo Siviria. We performed at Clownerias – an event with pieces created during Victor’s workshops.

After performing at that event, I left everything behind to become a theatre-clown-artist.

Three months later, I was part of a theatre clown group premiering our show “Lapsus: Deslices Extra-ordinarious” at the Aleph in Pasto, Colombia and touring it as part of International Theatre Festival at Cali, Popayan and Pasto.

It was the beginning of a project that would change my life, taking me little by little into the depths of my soul.

My training has been diverse, intense and nomadic. Presenting shows in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Germany and Scotland; taking part of clown residencies in some of these countries while, at the same time, continuously discovering new techniques, new teachers.

Nowadays, since based in Scotland and I have created CloWnStePPinG in order to keep deepening into the exploration of the world of the red nose and its significance not just in itself but in my life too.

I have been shown and experience that the clown world has no boundaries!

I have discovered that being a clown is a daily act of trust, honesty, open-heartedness and active engagement with your life, yourself and others.

Clowning has the ability to heal hearts and for me, it has opened infinite ways to expressed myself through innocence, freedom, honesty, connection and playfulness….

Life’s bottom line, for me, is Clowning!


Whatever the way, whichever the space, regardless the time.
It will come true. it will find its place. It will move us through.